Ep 2 ASMR, Pedal Desks, and Mastering Meetings

In episode 2 of UPDATED, Steve Randall finds out about:

The fast-growing relaxation technique ASMR. It can be used for benefits in both personal and business settings and has even been used in advertising. His guest is Dr Craig Richard, author of Brain Tingles and founder of the ASMR University;
Why a pedal desk may be a better option than a standing one;
Why you should drink more if you sleep less;
and how to improve work meetings.

Mobile-first consumers driving demand for audio says Adobe

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With more of us using mobile devices to access the internet, audio is becoming more popular Figures from the UK’ Office for National Statistics from August 2017 shows that 73% of adults access the internet ‘on the go’ and last week creative solutions firm Adobe said that the increase of a mobile-first internet is good …