Playing audio dominates virtual assistant use

There are many things that AI virtual assistants – such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant – can do. But playing audio remains the most popular use. A new survey from analysts at ratings and review site Clutch reveals that 66% of respondents say they use their virtual assistant for playing music and podcasts. That …

Why podcasting can build trust in your brand

Voices are powerful. Not just because they give us information, reassurance, directions, praise, warnings and so on; but because they unlock the key to who we are. And in business, who we are is arguably as important as what we are. A recent large-scale study found that listeners form very rapid personality impressions from the …

Spotify is going big on podcasting

The news this week that music streaming service Spotify has made two key acquisitions in the podcasting business is further testament to the growth of online audio content. The firm, which has 207 million active users (as of 31 Dec 2018) across 78 markets have bought podcasting platform Anchor and podcast producer Gimlet Media. In …

Ep 2 ASMR, Pedal Desks, and Mastering Meetings

In episode 2 of UPDATED, Steve Randall finds out about:

The fast-growing relaxation technique ASMR. It can be used for benefits in both personal and business settings and has even been used in advertising. His guest is Dr Craig Richard, author of Brain Tingles and founder of the ASMR University;
Why a pedal desk may be a better option than a standing one;
Why you should drink more if you sleep less;
and how to improve work meetings.