Podcasting listening enhanced for Samsung owners

A new collaboration aims to make podcast listening easier for Samsung device owners

Revolutionary AI-powered audio search platform Audioburst, and Samsung, have come together to deliver anew listening experience for consumers which will be incorporated into millions of Samsung products around the world, beginning with Smart TVs.

“Audioburst’s mission is to organize the world’s audio content and now, together with Samsung, we will expand our global availability to more users around the world,” said Amir Hirsh, co-founder and CEO, Audioburst. “To start with, our platform will add a new, personalized, searchable audio aspect to Samsung Smart TVs, so now consumers will get a personal assistant style experience on their devices.”

Audioburst changes the way people consume audio content by turning every connected device in the house into an engaging voice-activated source for news, sports, entertainment, traffic, weather and many other areas of interest. Audioburst’s platform analyzes millions of minutes of live and pre-recorded audio content each day – podcasts, radio streams and other audio sources – tagging and indexing them and making them searchable by keyword, context and topic.

“Today, there are more than 33 million voice-first devices in homes and more than 30% of the mobile queries are voice searches,” says Hirsh. “The answer people receive back from their device needs to be just as compelling. When you hear an actual audio clip from a newscast, an interview or a podcast segment specific to what you asked for, the experience is so much more engaging and emotional.”