Want to improve your brand’s communication?

Better engage with customers and staff?

Want a cost-effective alternative to video?

You should be podcasting

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing media and we’re here to help you get podcasting –  whether you want to do it yourself with help from the professionals, or you want it all done for you.

Communication Generation is a media company based in Hampshire UK specialising in podcast production for businesses and individuals. We also create our own podcasts and other media titles.


If you are in business, the education sector, a non-profit or an individual looking to build your personal brand, Communication Generation is here to help create compelling podcasts to share your message and engage your audience.


Here’s our founder Steve Randall to explain more:

The power of podcasting

Podcasts are growing in popularity, driven by platforms including Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and the sharp rise in the use of voice-enabled devices including Amazon Echo (“Alexa, play that podcast”) and Google Home.


Podcasting is also part of the process known as content marketing – although with Steve’s background in radio and other media we prefer to think of it as what we’ve always done!


“There’s never been a better time to communicate. We are the Communication  Generation”
-Steve Randall, founder of Communication Generation


Getting started with podcasting isn’t as tricky as you might think but to be successful it’s important that it’s done right. Communication Generation offers everything from advice and mentoring if you want to run your own show; through to full scripting, presentation and production of your podcast.

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Why podcast – isn’t it all about video these days?

There’s no doubt that video has seen a massive rise in recent years and many people and businesses have used it successfully but that doesn’t mean everything else should be ignored.


Just as the rise of video has not killed television, it also hasn’t killed audio content – in fact in some ways it has helped drive interest in online ‘broadcast’ media.


 We’re all consuming more media than ever before and like everything in life, variety is the key!


At Communication Generation we’re all about telling the story and sharing the information in the best way possible and in the unlikely event that your message is not suited to a podcast, then we will point you in the right direction for an alternative.

Find out more about podcasting now and let’s get you talking!