Podcasts reach the unreachable

Podcasting has been identified as a way to reach an ‘unreachable’ demographic

These consumers are choosy, on-demand media connoisseurs who don’t hate advertising but also don’t like to be interrupted.

Research by podcasting platform Acast into UK podcast listeners shows that they are usually more engaged with media generally but would rather avoid being sold to. In fact 84% said they pay for services that avoid ads, and almost a third use ‘ad-blockers’.

However, those who listen to podcasts are still open to marketing messages with 76% saying they have acted on a promotional message in a podcast; including 37% who’ve sought out more information about brands/products online, 26% have visited a brand’s website, and 18% have shared information about a brand online.

The research also reveals that around 23% of the UK population has listened to a podcast in the past month, with 27% listening at least once a week and 29% listening 2-4 times a week.

Why people listen to podcasts

The main reasons that respondents to the Acast survey gave for listening to podcasts include ‘to relax’ and ‘to learn something’ while indulging in their passions or interests.

Find out more with this infographic from Acast.